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Simple shapes and forgiving fits help our It's So Easy sewing patterns to live up to their name, while still letting you create great-looking clothes and accessories.

These are designs with relatively simple construction, for example T-shirts and blouses, skirts and dresses, that are mostly free from layering and pleats.

As a result, you can typically complete your project faster, with a clean and minimalistic finished product.

Wear it as a subtle garment in its own right, or add to the effect with fancier fabrics and embellishments of your choice to enhance the final appearance without the need for any complicated techniques.

Many of our It's So Easy sewing patterns make great projects to 'stretch your legs' as you move on from our Learn to Sew range and start to extend your skill set further.

But even experienced hobbyists can benefit from having these simpler sewing patterns on standby as a starting point for any project.

Use the basic shapes to form your construction, before adding extra tailoring, collars, belts and so on, for a truly unique finished garment.

It's So Easy

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