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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Men’s sewing patterns could keep credit card bills down

    Men’s sewing patterns could help image-conscious guys to repurpose old clothes or add to their wardrobes just for the cost of the material, rather than spending large amounts on off-the-rack clothes on the high street. According to figures from Conf...
  • Sewing patterns could help reach adulthood

    Learning to follow sewing patterns could help some people to feel they have reached adulthood, as a survey from Skipton Building Society sheds some light on the less predictable landmarks of reaching maturity. The financial services provider compiled ...
  • All new designs

    I’ve just received the new New Look catalogue and it’s full of fabulous summer makes. I got it just in time to take to a Creative Sewing Weekend with me so could share it with lots of other sewists. Like me, they drooled over the new pattern pack...
  • Sewing patterns take Hollywood

    The star of the upcoming Carrie remake, Chloe G Moretz, has revealed she is learning the costume sewing patterns for some of her character's outfits. In a pair of sewing-related Twitter posts last week, she pictured herself operating a sewing machine,...

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