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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • Simplicity Turns 90!

    This year marks a big milestone for Simplicity - yes, you heard it right, let’s cheers to 90 years of inspired sewing.

    This October is Simplicity's official 90th Birthday, but we're not going to wait until then. We've already started celebrating...well, 90 is a big one!

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  • Simplicity Superheroes Fly into the UK

    We've all had that dream sometime in our life, to have superpowers, to fly, to have great strength and even immense speed...just imagine how quickly you would be able to sew that new dress?!

    Now dreams can become reality, for one night only as least - as we have a special arrival of superhero costumes coming to Simplicity UK. You can reward us with the key to the city if you must!

    With the patterns set to land on the site next week, here is a sneaky peek!

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  • 3 Patterns to Get Children Sewing This Summer!

    Do you tend to have a little helper on hand when you get the sewing machine out? Sewing is a skill that lasts a lifetime, so why not pass the knowledge on whilst they are still young. We have 3 great patterns to get your children sewing this summer. So, get those machines side by side and enjoy a creative summer with your mini me. Continue reading

  • Interiors Edit: 4 Simplicity patterns to spruce up your home

    With the summer season well and truly here, it's not just your wardrobe that can be updated. The new season also brings along some brilliant interior trends, waving goodbye to industrial chic and hello to brighter colours, stronger prints and art deco inspired opulence.

    Make good use of your sewing skills and create one-off pieces for your home, with these 4 Simplicity patterns.

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