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How to Make Faux Fur Boot Covers

boot cover 1  boot cover 2  boot cover 3

Materials needed:

  • 1/2 yard of 44” to 60” wide faux fur fabric OR 1 yard of 30” wide faux fur fabric
  • 1/2 yard of 44” to 45” wide lining fabric
  • 2 yards of 1/8” wide suede cording
  • 1 yard of 1/4” wide elastic


Cutting Instructions: 

Step 1. From faux fur fabric cut two rectangles, each measuring 16” high by 18” wide.

Step 2. From lining fabric cut two rectangles, each measuring 17” high by 18” wide.

TIP: These measurements are for finished boot covers that measure 14 1/2” high and 17” in circumference. Add length or width to our original measurements as needed to fit your boots, but be sure to add the same amount to both fur and lining fabric.


Sewing Instructions: 

Step 1. With RIGHT sides together, stitch fur to lining along one long edge, in a 1/2” seam. Press seam lightly on WRONG side of fur fabric, pressing seam allowance towards lining. This will be the finished edge for the bottom of your boot cover.TIP: Most faux furs have a definite direction, so be sure to mark the top of each boot cover with a small piece of tape on the wrong side of the fabric. This allows you to keep track as you sew, so you won’t wind up with one boot cover’s fur facing up, and the other’s facing down!

Step 2. Fold boot cover in half with RIGHT sides together, forming a tube. The right sides of the fur and the right sides of the lining should each be facing each other. Matching cut edges, stitch tube closed in a 1/2” seam; begin the seam 6” from fur edge, and finish the seam 7” from lining edge.

Step 3. Turn boot cover RIGHT side out, smoothing out lining towards the top and matching seam openings; lining should extend 1” past fur.

Step 4. On each side of seam opening, turn back cut edges of lining and fur 1/2” to the inside. Slip-stitch lining to fur to clean-finish boot cover opening.

Step 5.Turn back edge of lining 1/4” and press in place. Wrap remaining lining around cut edge of fur and edge-stitch in place, encasing fur.

Step 6. Turn back finished fur edge 1”, forming a casing. Edge-stitch in place.

Step 7. Cut suede cording in half and in half again; you will have four lengths of cording, each measuring 18” long. Cut two lengths of elastic, each measuring 14” long.

Step 8. Stitch one length of cording to each end of elastic, overlapping cording and elastic by 1/2”. Thread one elasticized drawstring through each boot cover casing, being sure to keep cording ties even and elastic hidden inside casing.

 TIP: For an extra-fun finish, add pom-poms to the ends of your drawstring ties, or thread large beads onto each tie and knot the ends to keep them in place.