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Simplicity childrenswear sewing patterns cover all ages from babies, through to toddlers, tweens and teenagers, with designs for both boys and girls, and unisex sewing patterns for versatile childrenswear.

There are adorable baby romper suits, blankets and bibs, tops, trousers and hats, and many more items of everyday babywear to keep your little one wrapped up and warm whatever the weather, and snug when it comes to sleep time.

Simplicity childrenswear sewing patterns include sun dresses and shirts for when your children need to look smart, as well as some very practical garments like leggings, hats and accessories.

Our childrenswear patterns include party dresses, skirts and tops for the girls, trousers, shirts and jackets for the boys, as well as unisex loungewear and sleepwear, and of course you can easily adapt many sewing patterns for either gender just by choosing fabric in your child's favourite colour.

Childrenswear sewing patterns start from just a few pounds and typically include designs for several different garments - in many cases a single sewing pattern will cover an entire outfit of separates, or an all-in-one with accessories.

Look out for our special offers on sewing patterns for childrenswear too, as you will often find certain designs discounted to half price, making it even more affordable to invest in some new sewing patterns and fill out your kids' wardrobe with some home-made garments.