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Men & Boys

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Our men's and boys' sewing patterns cover every kind of menswear you could need, for people of all ages - not to mention plenty of unisex sewing patterns that could equally well be worn by women.

You'll find formalwear sewing patterns including shirts, trousers, and very formal accessories like neck ties, cravats and waistcoats.

There are also casual men's and boys' sewing patterns for comfortable everyday trousers and shorts, shirts and T-shirts, along with warm outerwear like jackets, coats and thick cardigans.

Our men's and boys' sleepwear sewing patterns are some of the most versatile, and with the right choice of fabric can double up to make comfy casual jogging pants and shorts for daytime wear, or cute boyish nightwear for girls and women who prefer two-piece PJs.

Styles and sizes are not as basic as 'adult' or 'child', as we know tastes change throughout the transition from boyhood to adulthood, so take a look at our full range for teenage boys' sewing patterns and designs to suit older children and tweens too.

If you don't see the designs you are looking for listed here, there are several other categories worth checking - our Learn to Sew and Easy to Sew patterns, for instance, include several male-oriented garments that only require basic-level sewing skills.

Our costume sewing patterns have plenty of male and unisex cosplay and fancy dress sewing patterns for all ages, while our sleepwear and formalwear categories have a more extensive range of garments for specific occasions.