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Plus Sizes

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If your body shape isn't well catered for on the high street, our Plus Sizes sewing patterns help you to create made-to-measure garments that are tailored for a more flattering fit.

Often the high street approach is to produce baggy clothes that swamp your natural shape, but plus size sewing patterns take a different approach, and while some outfits are still quite loose and flowing, they are crucially made to fit where it matters.

That means flattering cinched waists, tapered hems and sleeve lengths that elegantly emphasise the longer lines of your body without just covering up your curves.

Our Plus Size sewing patterns are not a niche category - you'll find them throughout our other categories too, including some Amazing Fit sewing patterns in larger sizes, and these give you even more opportunity to produce items that are truly tailored to suit your shape.

Many of the styles common in plus size sewing patterns are bang on-trend, whether it's a split seam that allows for expansion as your body moves, or broad trouser legs with a straight vertical silhouette.

And of course you are in total control - so if you want to adjust a particular measurement or seam for a more snug or comfortable fit on one part of your body, it's just a case of shifting the seam slightly in either direction.